Clean Water Projects with Project Pargo

Australia's first Drinkware company Project Pargo commits to providing clean water through their partnership with Waves for Water. Every PARGO purchase provides funds to implement clean water filters to communities in Indonesia and Philippines who are in need.

Implementation Locations:

1) Sumbawa, Indonesia (October 2019)

Project PARGO co-founders Dylan & Ellie set out on our first clean water project, travelling to Sumbawa, Indonesia. Project Pargo Indonesia

2) Zambales, Philippines (November 2020)

We provided villages in the Zambales province, Philippines with access to clean drinking water. Along with the clean water filters, we also implemented a 2,000L rainwater catchment as people in this area had to trek for many hours to collect water. 10 35c87448-a918-40a7-bd98-4f87eb91aa64

3) Pangasinan, Philippines (February 2021)

23 farmer representatives turned clean water champions across 3 communities or barangays were trained for the proper use and maintenance of the filters. Clean Water Philippines 3

4) Isla Verde, Batangas (June 2021)

Isla Verde is a fishing community off the coast of Batangas Province in southern Luzon. The island was severely hit during last October's Typhoon Quinta, where 130-140 km/h winds destroyed homes and fishing boats. Project PARGO was able to provide clean water access to two villages, Barangay San Andres and Barangay San Agapito, where over 2,600 individuals will benefit from a reliable safe water source for many years to come. 0E6A4861 (1)

5) Brooke's Point, Palawan (September 2021)

Into the mountains of Brooke’s Point resides the Palaw’ans, an ethnic group that primarily engages in subsistence rice farming, and hunting-gather practices. Due to the remoteness of their location, we collaborated with PAMAS (Philippine Adventist Medical Aviation Services) and the Helicopter Outreach Project to cover four communities spanning 152 households in two days which would otherwise have taken at least 1 week to hike. Clean water Project-04

6) Isla Verde, Batangas (December 2021)

We returned to Isla Verde on a monitoring trip for the communities served in Project #4. We also expanded the impact to two more communities, San Antonio and San Agustin Siangan -- an additional 2,070 individuals gaining access to clean water. Project 6 for website-04

7) Super Typhoon Odette Response in the Philippines (December 2021 onwards)

On December 16th 2021 Typhoon Odette (Rai) struck landfall in the Philippines, Odette was a powerful and catastrophic tropical category 5 cyclone with gusts reaching 240km/h and maximum sustained winds of 195km/h. Waves for Water couriers implemented 102 water filters (donated by Pargo) in Bohol, Cebu, Negros Oreintal, Negros Occidental & Palawan, providing 5,100 individuals access to clean water. w4w tayasan feb 2022-030

8) Kiangan, Ifugao, Philippines (June 2022)

Kiangan is a municipality in the landlocked mountain province of Ifugao. The Waves for Water team traveled 9-hours to provide and implement 160 clean water systems in the communities, providing 8,000 individuals or 80 households access to potable drinking water for years to come.