Clean Water Corps


One of the greatest global threats is water-borne disease. To combat this pandemic, we challenged ourselves to look deeper into the design and implementation of strategic humanitarian initiatives, using seasoned military veterans.

The result: Waves For Water’s newest division, Clean Water Corps.

The result: W4W’s newest division, Clean Water Corps.

Headed by former US Army Officer, Rob McQueen, the Clean Water Corps (CWC) serves as a specialized clean water task force, sharply focused on combating the global water crisis. It is operated entirely by veterans—many of them, though they have transitioned from active duty, are still keen to be out there in the world, applying their knowledge and expertise, into something bigger than onself. It combines our, no-nonsense, guerrilla humanitarianism mindset, with the time-tested structural qualities of the military—organization, discipline, strategy, planning etc — ultimately using them to help solve a major global issue.

With a current roster of 40 veterans the Clean Water Corps has grown into two regions, West and East, each engaging its members across multiple fundraising efforts and projects globally. Since its inception the Clean Water Corps has launched 28 project, across 18 countries.

Meet the Clean Water Corps

Rob McQueen

Rob McQueen

After graduating from the University of Idaho, Rob's military career began as a Light Infantry Reconnaissance Platoon Leader and then a Company Executive Officer with the 101st ABN (Airborne). Following his time at the 101st, Rob commanded two special operations teams that focused on CT (Counter Terrorism) and CVE (Countering Violent Extremism) operations in Afghanistan and the Balkans. Rob has served worldwide in support of both named and contingency operations.

In addition to working with the UN, EU, NATO, USAID and multiple NGOs on disaster response and stability operations, Rob has been published on the importance of disaster response in international diplomacy. He has also served as a subject matter expert and panelist on Countering Violent Extremism and Combating the Growing Foreign Fighter Phenomenon for the National Counter-Terrorism Center.


You Served? Serve Again. Join a team of dedicated individuals that still feel the need to engage the world and make a difference. This is the opportunity to embark in a new mission, one that has the power to improve quality of life for millions of people throughout the world. Become part of a new platform, where veterans support veterans, where you can bring the skills you learned in service to bear against the largest killer in our world.

Become the tip of the spear in the battle against waterborne disease, join the Clean Water Corps.

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