H&M Let's Reuse

About the Let's Reuse Campaign


Manila, Philippines - H&M launches a new initiative to encourage customers to bring their own reusable bags.

The project is called Let’s Reuse, an eternal program where customers will be charged PhP 2.00 for every paper bag of any size when they shop in any H&M stores in the Philippines starting September 1, 2020. All proceeds will go to Waves For Water Philippines to support their clean water projects in many local communities in the country.

“We all know that single-use plastic bags harm the environment, and paper bags aren’t the best solution either. About 80% of all paper bags end up in the landfills - they often do not biodegrade for decades because of a lack of oxygen, and compared to plastic bags, they cost more to landfills because they take up more space by weight and volume,” H&M’s Head of Communications Dan Mejia shared.

H&M aims to engage their customers in the process of sustainable fashion, “We want to educate and make it easy to understand that by not taking single-use paper or plastic bags at the cash point, you are doing something good for the planet. But if you have to buy a paper bag because you are not ready or prepared yet, do not feel bad, because you are still doing good by contributing to provide clean water to our local communities through our partner Waves For Water Philippines, Marian Dang, Sustainability Manager of H&M in South East Asia added.

Implementation Locations

1) Porac, Pampanga (October 2020) DSC05468

2) Poro, La Union (March 2021) for Race for Water 2021 DSCF4114 (1)

3) Sitangkai, Tawi-tawi (April 2021) for Race for Water 2021 Photo 4-7-21, 6 25 14 PM

4) Isabela, Negros Occidental (May 2021) DSC04305

5) Toledo City, Cebu (May 2021) IMG 7379

6) El Nido, Palawan (June 2021) DSC09997

7) Mindoro with the Tamaraw Rangers (August 2021) Photo 9-1-21, 7 32 04 AM

8) Brooke's Point, Palawan (September 2021) DSC04602 (3)

9) Bohol (September 2021) EVE03044 etd

10) Tawi-Tawi (October 2021) DSC09252

11) Bohol with the H&M Team (November 2021) IMG 6886

12) Odette Response in Bohol, Cebu, Negros Occidental, Palawan and Siargao (December 2021 - ongoing) Kagawad Cebucawan island, Ubay