Dockers x Waves For Water

The global water crisis is complex, but together we can tackle it on two major fronts: by working to conserve water resources in the developed world, and by providing greater access to safe water in the developing world. For the last ten years, Dockers® and Waves For Water have both been addressing the crisis in their respective ways. Dockers have been developing new practices to reduce water use, while Waves For Water has been working on the ground providing access to safe water for underserved communities around the world. Now the two are joining forces through a unique partnership that will see a range of initiatives come to life, such as a humanitarian-focused program targeting the people and communities that are impacted by the Dockers supply chain in four countries–India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Cambodia. Dockers are already working to improve sustainability within their supply chain and now the program with W4W will help address the humanitarian needs of their factory workers at a household level.