DIY Humanitarian

About the Courier Program

One goal: empower the masses to help solve the world water crisis. It isn’t a traditional volunteer model, but rather a DIY experience, meant to be utilized by people who want to travel and give-back during their trip. The Courier Program has successfully facilitated the implementation of filtration systems in 90 countries, –including places such as Haiti, Indonesia, Liberia, Pakistan, and Kenya. Waves For Water provides the platform, serving as a resource for information and knowledge around the filter system technology, and how Couriers may go about distributing them once they’re on the ground. It's very simple and very guerrilla, by design. We want to specify that the program is only a platform to give people the tools to go do it themselves. Our thought process around this program has always been centered around empowering people to take initiative, step outside their comfort zone, allowing them to create a truly unique experience for them themselves.

We believe, this way, everyone can be a humanitarian! That said, we realize that this model isn't for everybody and we apologize if you are looking for a more traditional structure to volunteer. Waves For Water was born out of a love for discovery, travel, and adventure – and we want our "volunteer" model to stay inline with that, by encouraging and empowering people to do it too. But if you are not up for getting out there on your own, then you can always fundraise from home, to support our teams ongoing efforts, on the ground.

How it Works

Do what you love, and help along the way

The idea isn't to get one person to offload 100 filters and call it a day; but rather a guerrilla network of hundreds of thousands of travelers packing a few filters each, implementing them along their journey – creating a ripple effect of clean water and global connectivity. Surf trip to Nicaragua? Bring some filters. Climbing trip to Thailand? Pack a few filters in your duffel. Going to India on business? The filters will fit right in your briefcase.

Once a Courier Project is created the Courier will receive our advanced training guide including information for pre and post trip planning, in-country scenario suggestions, and more details around the water filtration technology itself. In addition, Couriers will also receive a training video and open communication with Waves For Water’s team of experts.


Create your Waves for Water account

An account is free and enables you to crowdfund for the filters you’ll take on your trip, as well as share your story with family, friends, and peers.


Plan Your Trip

Whether you’re on a diving trip to Belize, a surf trip to Mexico, or a mountain climbing expedition to Nepal, we encourage you to keep following your dreams. It is your journey. All we want to do is help you plug a little purpose into it, in your own way.


Crowdfund Filters

Share your Courier page allowing your friends, family and social network to donate towards your filter goal.


Bring Filters to Those in Need

If you don’t have a location in mind, do some research to determine where the filtration systems might be needed most. A couple examples of how to initiate the recipient selection process include talking to the locals working at your place of lodging, or finding/approaching staff at schools or medical clinics in the area.


Impact Lives

The filters are compact, effective, and easy to use. One filter has the potential to provide 1,000,000 gallons/ 3,785,410 liters per lifespan–which equates to enough clean water for 100 people for 5 years.


Share your experience

Share your videos and photos with your friends and family, showing where you’ve been and who their donations have impacted. Inspire your social network to get out there and do the same thing #w4wCourier

Become a Courier